The cost of owning an Enterprise Resource Planning software is huge and can only be borne by large organizations. Enterprise Resource Planning helps in the integration of all the aspects of a business so that management decisions can be easily made. Being an aid to businesses, the huge cost was denying small scale enterprises a system that will help them effectively manage their business while bringing cost down. Now it is easier for businesses to store and share data as a result of cloud computing. It is cheap, easy to access and manage. With the development of cloud computing, Software giants like Oracle and SAP have found a way of hosting the software of businesses in the cloud.

This is the reason why ERP can now be open sourced. German giant like SAP uses HANA to help businesses that patronize them host some aspects of their business in the cloud. By offering every business under them an umbrella to store their data, there was no need for each organization to own an ERP software. This has improved the business intelligence of even small scale businesses that ordinarily would not be able to afford a private ERP software. With business intelligence, organizations can draw a pattern from data that is stored and use it to make effective business decisions.

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